BOGONOOK Book Buy One Get One Free

I currently have 1000+ books in my nook library. Yeah, I’m a book hoarder. Obviously though Barnes & Nobles has decided that I don’t have quite enough. Hence their announcement today for the NOOK Book Two-for-One Weekends. 

Starting the weekend of May 3rd, customers can purchase one qualifying nook book in store and receive another absolutely free. Now of course there are some rules. You have to choose from one of the twenty qualifying books and you’ll have to go in the store  That means I not only get a free book but I have an excuse to get coffee and a marshmallow bar as well! Let the fun begin!

The titles will rotate every weekend so you won’t be stuck with the same choices. Is this a marketing tactic to get me in the store every weekend? Yeah, probably! Do I care? Heck, naw! They had me at Two-for-One!

For details: Buy 1 NOOK Book, Get a NOOK Book FREE

For the official press release click here

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  1. The Nook Users Book Club

    Bonnie Glasser Kuzbyt said:
    I did this today. But I was there 2 hours ago and still haven’t gotten the email with the codes to download the books
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